The town market: Baron Sherlane Halaran, Bishop of Karameikos, inspects his town’s wares.

This northern logging and farming settlement is ruled by Baron Sherlane Halaran, a leading cleric in the Church of Karameikos. Nestled at the foot of the Black Peak Mountains and bordered to the north by Lake Windrush, the town is surrounded by a dense wilderness where legends of vampires and werewolves abound.

Threshold is a community of about 5,000. Though small, it is a quickly growing town with many amenities and not as rustic as most places of similar size. In addition to the walled town itself, Threshold consists of many outlying farming homesteads, several fishermen’s camps, the old town of Fogor’s Isle and a logging camp in the higher ground to the north. Trees felled here are floated downstream to be chopped into lumber. In fact, Threshold has a presence of The Elvenguard who assure sufficient trees are sent to the Duke in the capital. The trade in logging represents the city’s main source of income.

Except for Fogor Isle, Threshold is not a typical tight-packed and squalid medieval era town. By Baron Haralan’s decree, no house may be built within 50 feet of another and so Threshold is spread over a large area, filled with nice homes usually surrounded by vegetable gardens and livestock pens.


Within town limits no magic user magic may be cast without express release by the Church of Karameikos. Punishments for offenders are normally mild curses increasing in severity with repeat offences. Only daggers, maces (if used by a Cleric), swords and staffs may be carried within limits. Prohibited weapons are confiscated by the town guards (a receipt is issued to the owners) and kept in the town hall, to be returned when the owners leave. Wearing armor in town is not against the law but it is frowned upon. No family house may be built within fifty feet of another dwelling. Offenders of town laws are brought before the town’s clerical court in the Town Hall.

Places of Interest

Town Hall: This is a very large building in the center of town. It’s here that town meetings are held: it’s also here that confiscated weapons are held, that public declarations are made, that trials are conducted, and that entertainments are held.

Threshold Temple, Church of Karameikos: This tall stone cathedral, topped by sky arching spires in the Thyatian style, is the Patriarch’s domain. It is almost always busy and more than twenty sedentary priests and many more itinerant ones consider this their home church.

Shrin of the Three, Church of Traladara: This small wooden building and surrounding gardens are the town’s only official place of worship for the Traladaran Church in the area. It is attending by a lone priest.

Town Market: This is the center of life and trade in Threshold. Many vendors and traders can be found here selling everything from fruits and vegetables to horses and cattle to weapons and armor. Exotic goods and people from all over the world can often be found here. You will also find beggars, adventurers and street performers.

Cardia’s Carpet Service: This permanent storefront near the Town Market is home to Cardia, an adventurous Ylari Elf who conducts a flying carpet transport business.

City Walls: The city has two sets of City walls. Both are well maintained and made from wood and earth. The original inner city wall was built about 20 years ago to surround the city. The second city wall was build about 10 years ago to contain the ever expanding city.

Fogor Isle: The original old section of Threshold. It was built before the new building laws went into effect so this section is like any other city’s tenement district – close, squalid buildings, narrow streets and numerous opportunities for crime. This is now the main shipping and warehousing district of Threshold. There are many flourishing businesses here, some legal, some not. The city guard does not venture across the bridges onto Fogor Island after dark. Instead the merchant guild is responsible for maintaining order during the night.

The Old Mill: On the north end of Fogor Island is the Old Mill, which was destroyed about 15 years ago in a fire. The blackened ruins remain and have never been knocked down. There is always talk of some interested person buying the property and rebuilding on it.

Weir and Dam: The dam was built to keep boats from being able to travel upriver from Threshold; the Baron sees that as the prerogative of Threshold residents only. The weir, a small screen which is used to catch fish, is used by Threshold fisherman. It can be moved aside, and is, whenever logs are coming downriver from the logging camp north of Lake Windrush.

Fishermen’s Village: There is a small fishing village fronting Lake Windrush, which has a population of about 1000.

Loggers’ Camp: This is an encampment of approximately 1,000 loggers operating in the nearby woods. This camp has its own mill, which replaced the Old Mill.

Abbey of the Mountain Sun: Northeast of the town is the monastery of a branch of the Order of the Mountain Sun. This is actually a Thyatian with its main monastery in the Empire’s western mountains. The small abbey here has been here for more than 50 years.

Ruins: North of Threshold on the west shore of the lake, are the ruins of some ancient town. Stone walls still stand in places and pieces of rubble still dot the landscape.

Tarnskeep: This is Baron Haralan’s castle – A small, sturdy fortress with a single curtain wall with four towers and a large manor house.


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