Good miscellaneous links

Below you will find some useful links for Classic D&D, the Known World and anything else D&D related.

The Dragonsfoot Forums
The premier spot online for the OOP versions of D&D. Regular contributors include some of the founding fathers of the game: Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, Steve Marsh and Jim Ward.

The Vaults of Pandius
The official site for all things Mystara.

The World of Mystara Players’ Guide
This is an outstanding compilation of Mystara information geared towards players instead of DMs. It includes information on most of the Known World nations as well as character creation tips and other goodies.

Classic D&D
A site run by Harmyn of Dragonsfoot containing a lot of information about the game. It also hosts Cab’s list of spells – a great collection of new spells for Classic D&D.

The OD&D Guild
A site dedicated to discussing Classic Dungeons and Dragons, original D&D and the various versions of Basic D&D. Also for fans of OD&Dities ezine.

The Acaeum
A site which details the publishing history of most of the “old school” Dungeons & Dragons products. It also lists current prices from eBay and other online sources.

I have collected all of the old OD&Dities issues in one place. This fantastic magazine only lasted 12 issues (rumors of its resurrection persist). The magazine’s focus was all things old school D&D from the original three book set through the Rules Cyclopedia.

Cyclopedia Mystara
Formerly known as the Mystara Wiki, this is a growing project to catalog all knowledge of Mystara from official works. Because of the variety of timelines and optional material, it might not totally match with our campaign.

The Mystaran Character Builder
This page was created to help characters choose a background for the characters. It has lots of information about the background of many of the nations but also guides you through step by step in building your history. It also teaches you about Mystara along the way.

Good miscellaneous links

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