For more than 500 years, the Emperors of Thyatis have had a pact with the Vyalia Elves to train humans in their arcane arts. Many learn to become wizards or druids or even simple nature lovers. However, some are destined to transform into a much more specialized class. These humans are known as the Forestors. Forestors have a special affinity for and bond with the Elvish way of life. At an early age (normally no later than ten years old), they must be adopted into the Greenheight clan. Many are not taken and it is up to the clan elder to pass judgment. The clan adoption involves a special ceremony invoking the Elvish Immortal Ilsundal, relinquishing the parents’ duty to care for the child (though many of the parents are Forestors themselves) and assumption of clan responsibility for the child. After adoption, the Forestor must spend at least three years with his/her clan before becoming an adventurer.

Forestors are few in number; there are only a few hundred of them. But because they combine magic-use and fighting in ways that no other humans can, yet do not appear different from other humans, they are effective as adventurers and spies. They can pretend to be mere fighters or magic-users until crucial points in the campaign. It’s very useful and dramatic for a Forestor to pretend to be an ordinary fighter until the point in the adventure when his magical abilities will help save the day for his allies. Additionally, Foresters provide a link between human and Elf characters.

It must always be remembered that it is the influence of the Immortal Ilsundal that allows Forestors to learn both magic and fighting. Only through adoption into an Elf clan requiring a ritual honoring Ilsundal and becoming a member of the Forestor class can a human PC learn magic-use and fighting. Ordinary fighters cannot learn magic and ordinary mages cannot wear armor and use most weapons. If the Forestor ever performs an act which results in expulsion from the clan or dishonors Ilsundal or resigns from the clan, he may face the wrath of the Immortal, up to and including death or forever losing the ability to cast spells.

Class Details

Prime Requisites: Like Elves, Foresters have two prime requisites: Strength and Intelligence. If a Forestor has a score of 13 or more in both abilities, he gains a 5% bonus to experience points. If Intelligence is 16 or more and strength is 13 or more, the experience bonus is 10%.
Other Requirements: Unlike the Elf, a Forestor must have both a Strength and Intelligence of 12 or better when first played. Furthermore, due to their bond with their sponsoring clan, Forestors must voluntarily donate 10% of all their earnings to the clan.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. Starting at 10th level, +1 hit point per level, and Constitution adjustments no longer apply.
Maximum Level: 20
Armor: All; Shields permitted.
Weapons: Any
Saving Throws: Forestors have the same saving throws as Fighters of the same level.
THAC0: Forestors have the same THAC0 as Elves of the same level up to level 10. Beyond level 10, Forestors attack as clerics of the same level.
Languages: Forestors speak Common (Eillean), their Alignment tongue and Elf (one dialect depending on which clan trained him). They may speak other languages as intelligence bonuses dictate.
Experience: Forestors earn experience exactly as Elves.

Special Abilities

Hide in Woodland Settings: Outdoors, Forestors are as difficult to spot as Halflings, having the ability to hide in woods or underbrush. In such cover, they have a 90% chance to remain unseen (the DM will roll) as long as they remain motionless. They may remain motionless for a period of time in minutes equal to the sum of their dexterity and constitution times three. After that they must shift position a number of minutes equal to 20 minus their constitution and then may again assume a motionless position. This ability is not the same as a Thief’s hide in shadows ability. It involves finding cover and camouflage and only works if the Forestor remains totally motionless. If he tries to move, anyone can see him.
Combat Specialties: Forestors always know the following fighter maneuvers: Set Spear v. Attack; Lance Attack. When the character reaches 11th level, he receives the Combat Options for fighters (see page 104 in the Rules Cyclopedia). With multiple attacks, two attacks are possible at 11th level and three attacks at 18th level; the Forestor never gains four attacks per round. The Forestor may use the smash, parry and disarm options as described.
Find Secret /Hidden Doors: All foresters can find secret and hidden doors better than other characters, just like Elves. The player must tell the DM if he wants to look for secret and hidden doors; the detection is never automatic. Secret doors are normally found on a roll of 1 or 2 on a d6.

Special Disabilities

Not all dwarves dislike or distrust Elves but those who do also react badly to known Forestors (-2 to reactions).

General Skills

Forestor characters must take these skills: alertness and tracking. Recommended but not required are: danger sense, riding, signaling (Elf) and survival (forest).

Higher Experience Levels

When the Forestor reaches Name (9th) level, he is often referred to as a Lord Forestor or Lady Forestor. He may build a special kind of stronghold deep in the forest. This stronghold must pleasingly blend with its surroundings, usually a natural site of great beauty. Typical locations are the tops of trees, on the edges of quiet vales or behind rushing waterfalls. Because of the effort to beautify the work, the structure costs as much as similar work if made of stone. When the stronghold is completed, the character will develop a friendship with the animals of the forest (birds, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, bears, etc.). All normal animals within five miles of the stronghold will be friendly toward the people of the stronghold. Animals will be able to warn of approaching strangers, carry news of events, deliver short messages to nearby places, etc. In return for these services, the animals will expect the stronghold dwellers to help and protect them.


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