Created by the Immortal Kagyar, the dwarves are a race of workaholics. Laziness, as a character trait, is practically unknown among the dwarves; when it appears it is considered a disease of the mind. They do however find time to enjoy company, storytelling, feasting, swilling alcohol, playing games, etc.

Tied in with their need to work is a strong desire to create things. Every dwarf, from birth, is trained in trades of mining and engineering. Many dwarves also pursue skill in craftsmanship of metals and gems. If a dwarf sees a boulder, some inner part of his mind is turning it into something, whether it is a sculpture, a construct, a trap or a weapon. Every construction a dwarf sees is subject to his professional scrutiny.

Most dwarves in Mystara are from Rockhome, their ancestral mountain homeland, but there are dwarf settlements throughout the Known World, and belong to one of seven clans.

Dwarven Name Examples

Dwarven names are composed of a first ‘true name’ and a secondary name that is most often an epithet. First names are most commonly 2 syllables. Some examples are Balar, Doric, Kurto, and Torlum. Secondary names tend to most often refer to excellence in battle. Some examples of gnomish epithets would be Shieldcracker, Orcslayer and Skullsplitter. Or they may refer to appearance, such as Redbeard, Blackbrow or Fire-Eye.


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