Welcome to the Known World!

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It has been almost a millenium since the crowning of the first Emperor of Thyatis and two millenia since the coming of the Alphatians. The wars of independence and expansion sparked by the crowning of the first Emperor of Thyatis are mostly in the past. Relative peace has come to the nations of the Known World. It has been 35 years since the last Thyatian-Alphatian war. It has been almost a decade since Baron Von Hendricks of the Black Eagle Barony within the Grand Duchy of Karameikos ended his raids to overtake The Five Shires.

But other, perhaps more insidous threats abound. The Iron Ring, once just a band of pirates from the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, has spread its bonds of slavery from the Five Shires to Alphatia. Barbarian hordes threaten the southern expansion of the Thyatian empire as well as the Northern Reaches (perhaps barbarians in their own right) and the Heldann Freeholds (where the nation is named for a legendary barbarian). From the far west, the black sailed ships of the Master silently sail into the eastern ports bringing gold and taking weapons but no one has ever met this Master nor do they know of what exactly he is the master. On the borders of civilized lands stand the humanoids who appear to be uniting under the banner of a wily and strong Orc, King Thar. And in the center of the continent there are the rumors that a long lost tribe of Elves lurks in the shadows, awaiting the time to reclaim the lands of the sun.

It is into this land the characters are born. Young ones seeking their fortunes. For some, the adventure is sought. For others, adventure has found them. . . .

Do you remember the good ol’ days of Dungeons & Dragons before kits, prestige classes and Half-Orc Barbarian Dragonkind? When people talk about Elves or Halflings, do you think they are both a race and a class? Do thieves and magic-users only get d4 hitpoints and no one expects to break the 20 hit point mark until fourth level? Do clerics begin without spells? Well then, welcome home to the Classic D&D game in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

What is Classic D&D? It is a version of Dungeons & Dragons published between roughly 1981 and 1995 which some people call Basic. There were numerous additions and revisions but the system was designed for easy game play. I play 3.5 and 4E as well but there is nothing quite like playing the original (or Classic) editions.

This is the main site for our Classic D&D campaign in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area (Monroe, Northhampton and Pike County PA and Warren and Sussex County NJ). Interested players should sign up for membership. We play Rules Cyclopedia (1991) D&D. The adventure begins in the Known World region of Mystara, the default setting of Classic D&D. New players are almost always welcome (if we can’t fit you in this campaign, we will help you find another in our area). No experience necessary.

To join, either click on the JOIN button or send me an e-mail at csp_gtp2@yahoo.com. Feel free to send comments, questions and suggestions. Check out my last campaign at http://www.classicdndinkc.net (The link to the forums is tricky. It should be http://www.classicdndinkc.net/forum.old).

To learn more, please visit our Adventure Log or Wiki.