The Shearing

Native Traladarans have a custom that remains an important part of Karameikan national character. It is called the Shearing Ceremony, and many Thyatians have adopted it as well.

Residents of Specularum (known as Marilenev back when the tradition began) developed the Shearing Ceremony in the centuries before Thyatis conquered Traladara. Since that time, improved trade with the inland communities spread the Shearing Ceremony throughout the land. When Thyatian settlers came they became acquainted with the ceremony and adopted it. Elves, Dwarves and Halflings have similar traditions.

When a Karameikan youth approaches adulthood, either he or his parents decide to hold the Shearing. Soon after, at a dinner celebration that other family members and village leaders attend, the parents solemnly dress their child, who stands silently before them, in traveling gear. The bottom of the child’s cloak is sheared off and left ragged as a symbol that he is an impoverished traveler.

From that time, the sheared youth is considered a friend of the family but not a part of it. A child so sheared must go out into the world and survive until the family decides he has proved worthy of the clan. Usually, living apart from the clan for a few years and participating in acceptable adventures or trading ventures illustrates that the offspring can prosper unaided; when the youth’s parents reach that conclusion, they invite him to another dinner and present him with a garment bearing the clans markings or coat of arms. The youth, now considered an adult, is once again part of the family.

A sheared youth from a titled family is not considered to have any title until invited by the family to rejoin their ranks.

The Shearing

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