Movement and Encumbrance

I never really enforce encumbrance but I do think we need to take a look at combat movement when wearing different armors. I don’t want to get bogged down in the encumbrance rules so here is my suggested chart:

Type of Armor Base Movement Combat Round Running (per Combat Round)
None 120 40’ 120’
Leather/Scale 90 30’ 90’
Chain/Banded 60 20’ 60’
Plate/Suit 30 10’ 30’

Magic or Elven armor is one category lighter. For instance, a rogue wearing magical leather would move as if he was wearing no armor at 40’ per combat round but the same character wearing non-magical armor would move at 30’ per combat round.

You can use your full combat round movement either before or after your attack and still attack however, you cannot attack and run in the same round. You can also not move in the same round in which you cast a spell (though you can still take a 5’ step before or after casting a spell).

Movement and Encumbrance

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