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This area serves as a table of contents of sorts for information within our Wiki. From here, you can find links to most of the articles about our campaign. However, I encourage you to use the search function as it may more easily lead to the things for which you are looking.

The Adventurers

Our Party

Azriei, Karameikan (Traladaran) Rogue
Cyllan Danask, Thyatian Mystic of the Church of Thyatis
Derrek, Karameikan (Thyatian) Rogue
Gandor, Mage
Kai’Kul Maro, Thyatian (Nuari) Drum Bard (Marok’i) of the Pearl Islands
Laceonda (Lace) Smith, Thyatian Fighter
Leif Leiden, Alfheim Elf
Midian al-Yacoob, Ylari Cleric of The Eternal Truth
Nelis Eldrichsun, Atraughin Priestess
Nitsua, Rogue
Riddick, Karameikan (Traladaran) Fighter
Rikou Yagami, Thyatian (Ochalean) Bard
Rob King, Thyatian Rogue
Roderick, Karameikan (Traladaran) Cleric of the Church of Traladara
Ruben, Karameikan Elf
Sindil, Halfling of The Five Shires
Shin Yagami, Thyatian (Ochalean) Bard
Stache, Thyatian Cleric of the Church of Karameikos
Teagan Frostclover, Alfheim Elf
Valmont Malkovich, Glantrian Mage
Zyass, Thyatian Forestor

Our story so far

The Adventure Log is posted like a blog so it lists the summaries in reverse chronological order. We thought it would be easier to follow if it was in chronological order. The List below is set in that manner.

The DM’s Log
Preamble to Adventure
Preamble II
Session 1: A scream in the night
Session 2: The tunnels of Threshold
Session 3: The Dream
Session 4: The Showdown
Session 5: Escape?
Session 6/7: Stallanford and the King’s Festival
Session 8: Hail to the Chief
Session 9: Into the darkness
Summary for Sessions 10-14: Beyond the green mist . . .
Session 10: Beyond the Green Mist, Part I: The Return to Haven
Session 11: Beyond the Green Mist, Part II: Shin Yagami
Session 12: Beyond the Green Mist, Part III: Allies in the Garden of Thorns
Session 13: Beyond the Green Mist, Part IV: The Summoning
Session 14: Beyond the Green Mist, Part V: The Eye of Arik
Session 15: Unfinished Business
Session 16: Stallanford, Part II and the journey to Penhaligon
Summary for Sessions 17-21: The Secrets of Kavorquian’s Basement
Session 22: A Moral Choice: Greed or Glory
Sessions 23 – 26: The Battle of Sukiskyn
Session 27: A Deal with the Traveling Folk
Session 28: Hillcrest Mine

Character Journals
None yet submitted.

Campaign Information and Rules


Many mundane and magical races inhabit the Known World and many more call the entire planet (Mystara) home. Here is information about the major races of the Known World. As the characters explore beyond their beginnings, they will learn more and it will be reflected here.

Player Character Races

Non-Player Character Races


Classes are like professions; they establish a core set of knowledge held by members of that class. In Classic D&D, non-human races are also classes. Below are the classes available to player characters in the game. There are additional classes, mostly professions, which are available only to NPCs.

Player Character Classes


The geography and history of the Known World (as known by the players at the beginning of the campaign) are here. Much of the information presented is based upon the information contained in the Newbies’ Guide to Mystara (see ). As we explore the world, information may be added or changed.


Cities and towns

Specific geographical locales

Taverns, inns and other public buildings

People of Note

Here lie the NPCs of import. Many are rulers in the Known World. Some are people the characters have met along their journey. As with the places list, the information available will change as the characters interact with the world.

The Immortals

The gods of Mystara are not known as gods; they are known as Immortals. Some are worshiped like the gods of other places but not all are. Some care little about followers while others feel they draw strength from having many followers. Unlike the gods of many planes, many of the Immortals were mortal first and gained in power to become Immortals, ascending due to the patronage of an existing Immortal. Some are older than the lands themselves and their origins are shrouded in mystery.

The Immortals are often known by many names depending on where they are worshipped. Below they are listed with the most common names in the region surrounding Karameikos and Thyatis. Often, mortals organize into churches or cults and worship one or many of these Immortals in some aspect. For instance, the Churches of Darokin, Thyatis, Traladara and Karameikos all worship Halav but he holds a different place in each, being the primary Immortal in Traladara but a mere lesser Immortal in Darokin.

The Immortals draw their power from The Spheres. A Sphere is not the same as a plane. For instance, a Sphere of Power does not exist as a place and characters can never go to the” Sphere of Matter.” Instead, a Sphere is an ingredient. Every plane is made up of all five Spheres of Power, but each plane contains a different balance. Planes that have a high proportion of Energy tend to be more magical than those dominated by Matter, planes dominated by Time more orderly than those with a large component of Thought in their make-up, with any area that comes under Entropy’s sway soon crumbling into decay.

The known Immortals are:


Groups both good and evil are described in these articles.

Legends & Lore

Ranging from the tales told to children as they drift to sleep each night to the brazen lies told by adventurers in taverns, you can find the most common stories here. If the tale is specific to one of the characters, it may not be placed here until it is known to the group.

Items of Note

Legendary items, magical items, curious items; they are all listed here.

House Rules

A place for all of our little quirky rules that make us different.


As new spells are uncovered whose descriptions are not available in the Rules Cyclopedia, they will be collected here. Clerical spells (including Druid spells) are available as soon as they are listed. Magical (including Bard Spellsongs and Elvish/Forestor spells) must be found then recorded in spellbooks.

Miscellaneous Information

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