Goblinoids are a race of varied fell humanoids. The majority of goblinoids live underground in vast warrens throughout mountainous regions. The race includes the sub-races of:

The smallest, most common of the goblinoids. They are fairly common across the Known World but most frequently dwell within mountainous regions and dark forests. They vary in height from about 3 to 3 ½ feet and weigh 40 to 50 pounds. They walk upright even though their arms nearly reach their knees. Their eyes vary from red to yellow and are usually dull and glazed. They have a broad nose that sits on a flat face with pointed ears and a wide mouth. Their mouth contains small, but sharp fangs. Their skin pigment ranges from a deep red through nearly any shade of orange to yellow. Members of the same tribe tend to have the same skin color.



Hobgoblins are a larger, stronger, smarter and more menacing form of goblin. They are smaller and weaker than bugbears, but better organized. They are lean and tall, averaging 5 ½ to 6 feet in height and weighing around 160-180 pounds. Their muscles are designed more for agility than brute strength, and they have been described as having almost feline dexterity. Smarter than other goblinoid races, they are renowned for their brutality and military skill.

Hobgoblins exist in perpetual war against all other races, believing that “lesser” species are fit only for battle fodder. In mixed groups, hobgoblin officers often lead units of goblins or orcs, whom they bully and make to feel inferior. Other peoples find them paranoid, insulting, and dismissive, while hobgoblins in turn treat all others as potential threats. Hobgoblin mercenaries may offer their services to powerful and wealthy members of other races, however.

Hobgoblins have an extreme hatred of elves. If given a choice in who to kill, they will always pick elves first.



The biggest and strongest of the goblinoids, bugbears are more aggressive than their smaller relatives.

Bugbears resemble hairy, feral goblins standing seven feet tall. They take their name from their noses and claws, which are similar to those of bears. Their claws are not long and sharp enough to be used as weapons, so bugbears often armor and arm themselves with a variety of purloined gear. Most often, this gear is second-rate and in poor repair.

Bugbear eyes are greenish white with red pupils, and their wedge-shaped ears rise from the tops of their heads. Most bugbears have hides ranging from light yellow to yellow brown and their thick, coarse hair ranges from brown to bright orange to brick red. Bugbears have exceptional sight and hearing, able to see in pitch darkness. They move with amazing stealth and grace which belies their large size. Unlike their smaller cousins, bugbears operate equally well in daylight and great darkness.


Some mages and scholars believe that the Goblinoids are a corruption of Dwarves but no proof exists of that fact or it has been deeply hidden by the Dwarves and the Immortals. Others believe there is a connection between Orcs and Goblinoids but there are distinct differences in appearance and language.

Most Goblinoids worship Wogar. However, Hobgoblins seem to prefer Yagrai. Other humanoid immortals, demons and devils are also worshiped to a lesser extent.


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