Fragment of Kavorquian's diary

The following was said to be transcribed from a journal found by the party in the basement of Kavorquian the Wizard. It was transcribed by the staff of Baron Sherlane Halaran. It was the last page in the journal:

. . . is puzzling. Haradraith’s Keep seems to be where this force is assembling. It is still weak, but growing. The leader is a self-styled warrior queen and has an evil spellcaster with her. It seems she is mad, but is cunning enough to raise this rabble and prepare for – what?

It may be that Arturus’s first-born is this “queen.” She was always an evil bandit, and she may have stumbled upon some item of evil power. I may have confirmation from a trusted servant soon.

The “queen” may try to take what she madly thinks is her birthright by force. Even if she cannot take Penhaligon – and I do not know how long she will wait, how great her force will grow – she could destroy Stallanford and wreak havoc along the Duke’s Road.

She MUST be stopped. If only Kaerin were here – I must get word to him about this. . . .

Fragment of Kavorquian's diary

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