Elf and Forestor Spells

First Level

Fabricate Blade
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn + 2 rounds per level
Effect: Turns 1 bladed item from another item

This spell allows a bladed weapon of no larger than a long sword to be fabricated from an existing material. In all cases the item from which the spell is to create the weapon must be of the same dimensions. For example a dagger could be created from a glass, a short sword from a wine bottle or a long sword from a large serving tray. The weapon, once created, conforms to the statistics of a standard blade of the desired nature. This spell is often used to create a weapon in an area where individuals are prohibited to carry such or where body searches are occurring.

Faerie Lights
Range: 40’ plus 10’ level
Duration: 2 minutes per level
Effect: Illuminates an area

This spell creates from 1 to 4 lights that resemble either torches or lanterns and cast up to the same amount of light. The actual intensity of the light can be varied by the caster at any time he spends a round concentrating. The caster mist create the lights where he can see them; he can then move the lights anywhere within his range, even if they pass out of his vision (such as around a corner). He cannot move them through solid objects.

This spell is frequently used by elves to mislead parties of humans who travel the elf forests at night.

Range: 0 (touch)
Duration: 5-8 hours
Effect: Doubles normal movement speed

The longstride spell enables the elf or other recipient of the spell to move at twice normal ground speed (walking) for 1d4+4 hours without tiring or running normally for the same amount of time without tiring. However, after this the recipient must spend the same amount of time resting, as well as drinking plenty of liquids and eating heartily. If he does not rest, he loses 2d4 Constitution points (recovered by rest at the rate of 1d4 days per point, and only recovers them after he has spent the time above resting and drinking and eating. Only bipedal humans and demi-humans are affected by this spell.

Elf and Forestor Spells

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