Universally, trade is done in a variety of coins made in precious metals (platinum, gold, silver, electrum and copper). The base is the gold piece (abbreviated gp). The exchange of gold pieces for other precious metals is standardized across nations as illustrated in this example: 1 gp = 2 ep = 10 sp = 100 cp; 5 gp = 1 pp

ep = electrum piece
sp = silver piece
cp = copper piece
pp = platinum piece

Each nation chooses which coins to make and not all types of metal are minted in each nation. For instance, there is no official electrum or platinum piece in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Each nation also may make larger pieces for easier transport (such as in Thyatis). Furthermore, there is generally a 10% charge for the exchange of one nation’s coinage for another nation’s coinage.

Different countries may also name their coinage different things.


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