Dragons are amongst the oldest living creatures in the Known World. They are intelligent, generally winged, lizard-like creatures capable of speech and magic. It is said that all are also able to shape-shift and walk the world as humans or humanoids. They come in many different types and these types normally determine their favorite places to live, their power and their special characteristics. Some think they are immortal unless killed but it is sure they live long lives, with their age determining their size and thus strength. They all love treasure (regardless of type) and all also have the ability to use one or more breath weapons such as fire, lightning or poisonous gas. Dragons are believed to be related to other creatures like Faerie Dragons, Dragon Turtles, Wyverns and Basilisks but this link is not confirmed by magic or science.

Dragons in the Known World are rare or at least they do not appear to many of the intelligent races. It is not known if this rarity is due to the hunting dragons, their low birth rate, the dragons’ own choosing or some other factor. It is said that the northern lands of Norwold are crawling with dragons of all sorts but no one has ever lived to confirm that rumor. There are no known rulers of lands that are dragons but because they may be able to shape-shift that cannot be confirmed.

The dragon family can be broken into several groups:

Generally good natured but of varying alignments, the metallic dragons are amongst the most powerful. They include Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, who is an Immortal but also Platinum, Silver, Brass, Copper and Bronze dragons. The metallic dragons are often sages sought out for their great wisdom such as Breemyx the Skald, a Silver Dragon who roams the Northern Reaches but can be found most often in Vestland, and Cormyr the Wise, a Gold Dragon who is often found in the capital city of Glantri.

Generally evil natured but of varying alignments, the chromatic dragons are the ones most thought of in popular literature. This line is among the most feared and their cunning and evil is renowned. They include Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon, who is an evil Immortal as well as Red, Blue, Black, Green and White dragons. Luckily for the sentient races, these dragons seem to prefer isolated places.

These dragons are generally neutral and represent one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They are also generally wingless, unlike other dragons.

Virtually nothing is known about this line of dragons other than that there appear to be at least Pearl, Diamond, Ruby and Emerald dragons.

Virtually nothing is known about this line of dragons other than that there appear to be at least Star, Sun, Moon and Shadow dragons. Shadow dragons may not be of this lineage but do not seem to fit anywhere else.


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