Cleric Prayers

First Level

Range: 0 (touch)
Duration: Special
Effect: Circle of priests enhances spells
Using this spell, three to five priests combine their abilities so that one of them casts spells and turns undead at an enhanced level. The highest level priest (or one of them if two or more are tied for highest) stands alone while the others join hands in a surrounding circle. The central priest casts the combine spell. He temporarily gains one level for each priest in the circle up to a maximum of four levels. The level increase affects turning undead and spell details that vary with level but the central priest does not gain additional spells.

The encircling priests must concentrate on maintaining the combine effect. They lose all armor class bonuses for shield and Dexterity. If any of them has his concentration broken, the spell ends immediately. If the combine spell is broken while the central priest is casting a spell, that spell is ruined. Spells cast in combination have the full, enhanced effect, even if the combine is broken before the end of the cast spell’s duration. The combination is not broken if only the central priest is disturbed.

Range: 10’
Duration: 1 round
Effect: One creature
This spell allows the cleric to utter a command of one word. The word must be in a language that the recipient is able to understand. The recipient obeys to the best of his or her ability as long as the command is clear and unequivocal. A command to “Die!” would make the recipient faint for a round, but there would be no other harmful effect (unless, of course, he was walking a high wire at the time). Typical commands include halt, back, run, go, surrender, etc.

Undead are not affected by this spell. Creatures with an Intelligence of 13 or more and those with 6 or more hit dice or levels are entitled to a saving throw vs. Spells. Creatures who meet both criteria do not get two saving throws.

Detect Poison
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn + 1 minute/level
Effect: Items over which a cleric can pass a hand can be examined for poison
This spell enables the priest to determine if an object has been poisoned or is poisonous. One object or a five foot cubic mass can be checked per minute. The cleric has a 5% chance per level of determining the exact nature of the poison.

Ring of Hands
Range: 0
Duration: 2d10 minutes
Effect: Forms a special protective area
This is a cooperative magic spell which requires a minimum of two priests and can accommodate a maximum of ten. Each priest must cast ring of hands on the same round. At the end of casting, the priests join hands. If any priest breaks the ring, the spell is broken and ends immediately. The priests cannot move but are free to speak.

The ring of hands creates a protective barrier around the priests and everything within the circle. For each priest, assume a five foot circumference which can accommodate four people. The barrier functions as a protection from evil spell. Attacks by evil creatures suffer a -1 penalty for every priest forming the circle. Saving throws for every priest or anyone in the circle are at +1 for every priest in the circle.

Attempted mental control of protected creatures is blocked. Extraplanar and conjured creatures are unable to touch the priests and those within the circle, although melee attacks (other than with piercing weapons such as spears) against such creatures by those within the ring break the circle. Attacks made by those within the ring suffer a -1 penalty.

The encircling priests lose all armor class bonuses for shield and Dexterity. Furthermore, opponents gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls against the priest. Creatures within the ring are free to act as they wish (subject to the rules of attack noted above).

Range: 0 (touch)
Duration: 2 minutes plus 1 minute per level
Effect: Protects person touched
When the priest casts a sanctuary spell, any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the protected creature must roll a saving throw versus spells. If the saving throw is successful, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If the saving throw is failed, the opponent loses track of and totally ignores the warded creature for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remain unaffected. Note that this spell does not prevent the operation of area attacks (fireball, etc.). While protected by this spell, the subject cannot take direct offensive action without breaking the spell, but can use non-attack spells or otherwise act in any way that does not violate the prohibition against offensive action. This allows a warded priest to heal wounds, for example.

Weapon Bless
Range: 0 (touch)
Duration: Special
Effect: Makes a weapon magical for a special purpose
With the weapon bless spell, the cleric is able to prepare one weapon for combat against a specific foe. Upon casting the spell, he carefully writes on the weapon the identity of the foe and several prayers of strength and guidance (it takes a turn to cast this spell) to give the weapon power. Although the exact name of the creature need not be known, the identity must be specific, identifying only the single individual. Stating the weapon is to be used against Orcs is not sufficient but stating that it is to be used against the leader of the Orcs living in Deep Hollow Cave is precise enough. Thereafter that weapon is +5 on the first attack and damage roll against that particular foe. The weapon is considered magical for the purpose of striking creatures who can only be hit by magical weapons. The effects are additive with those of already magical weapons, i.e., if cast upon a +2 weapon, the effect is +7. However, if the weapon is used to strike another creature before the target creature is attacked, the blade is wiped clean and the spell is lost.

Cleric Prayers

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