Church of Traladara

The Church of Traladara is a venerable institution which has existed in the civilized parts of the country since the end of the first millennium BC. Having risen out of the Traladaran people’s unshakable belief in the power of goodness, the heroism of Halav and his companions, and the eventual return of the Traldar people to the glory of the Golden Age, the Church is a rock-solid institutionalized arbiter of Traladaran morality. Over seventy percent of the Karameikan population subscribe to the faith of the Church, nearly all of them Traladaran.

The Church of Traladara concerns itself primarily with the behavior and morality of its followers. Church doctrine, therefore, forbids that followers should cause harm to others or their property. Such unlawful behavior is considered to contradict the examples of proper comport as given in the Church’s holy text, The Song of King Halav. Therefore, the Church supports punishment for said immoral acts (as these are blasphemy), in proportion to the crime – up to and including the death penalty, for heinous crimes such as murder. “As the Beast-King did slay Halav, so Halav slew him in kind,” goes a common sermon on such solemn occasion.

Other Church dogmas are supported by the Song, such as the proper behaviour of women (strong defender of the home, and supporter of men), the role of magic in Traladaran life (accepted, as was Zirchev accepted by Halav), and the responsibility of every Traladaran to fight evil in its myriad forms (including both passive and militarized resistance against invaders). The Church also serves the community by providing guidance, performing ceremonies, and supporting traditional cultural expressions, such as the Shearing.

Followers of the Church of Traladara attend a formal ceremony, which involves an elaborate ritual granting forgiveness for repented misdeeds, prayers for the ill and the dead, and readings from the Song. Such ceremonies are held once daily in Specularum, and once weekly in smaller parishes throughout the countryside. Churches are always open, however, as it is common to find a handful of faithful there, praying, at all hours.

Larger churches also typically contain three or more small shrines in niches off of the main sanctuary. These shrines are each dedicated to a particular aspect of one of the three Traladaran patron Immortals. Halav, Petra, and Zirchev each have countless aspects, as every village worships one particular to their local area. Sages believe these aspects reflect guises in which the Immortals have given aid or comfort to Their chosen over the centuries, as well as remnants of ancient Traldar Immortals. The most common aspects are given below:

  • Halav: Beast-Slayer; Lawgiver; the Eternal Champion; the Celestial King; the Unconquerable Warrior; the Just; the Wise; Divine Judge
  • Petra: Defender of the People; the Divine Mother; Weaver of Fate; Hearth-Maiden; Sacred Healer; the Fair Warrior; the Gentle Queen
  • Zirchev: Mageborn; the All-Knowing; the Sly; Nightwalker; the Blazing-Arrow; Elf-Friend; the Wild Huntsman; the Changeling; Unerring Councilor


Patriarch Aleksyev Nikelnevich, Patriarch of Marilenev (Specularum)

Symbols & Colors


Clerical Alignment

Any (most are Lawful)


The following are the main Immortals of the Church:

  • Halav
  • Petra
  • Zirchev

Subordinate Orders

Cult of Halav (unofficial)

Church of Traladara

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