Church of Karameikos

Most Karameikans of Thyatian descent belong to the Church of Karameikos, while approximately half those of mixed descent do. Many of Traladaran descent have been converted by the church‘s compelling philosophy of the “unstained spirit.” In all, about 25% of the population of Karameikos now belongs to the Church of Karameikos, and this segment of the population includes most of the landed nobles and many other powerful political figures.

The prime philosophy of the Church of Karameikos is that no evil act committed in the mortal world is so great that it cannot be purified from the spirit by great acts of self-sacrifice. Some adherents, unfortunately, consider this belief a game with rules to bend – they see the church philosophy as a means to get away with doing anything, so long as they subject themselves to the deeds of purification recommended by their church leaders after the fact.

The Church of Karameikos also seeks to discourage magical ritual that does not have direct, provable results. Into this category falls all manner of superstition, including good-luck charms, palm and card reading and similar traditional methods of divination. As the Church of Traladara encourages these actions, the two faiths often conflict over doctrinal matters.


Patriarch Olliver Jowett, Patriarch of Specularum

Symbols & Colors

  • Symbol: A twelve-pointed star
  • Colors: Blue and Yellow


The church divides the Grand Duchy into dioceses roughly equivalent to the political separations existent in the nation. Each major population area over 5,000 people is entitled to a Bishop who serves the areas religious needs. Groups of bishops are led by a Patriarch, who is chosen by the rest of the clergy and approved by the Archbishop (also known as the Patriarch of Specularum). There are five Patriarchs at any one time. The current patriarchs are:

  • Specularum: Olliver Jowett
  • Kelven: Felix Bellasarion
  • Threshold: Sherlane Halaran
  • Rugalov: Isabella Solarus
  • Fort Doom: Heinrich Schonberg

Clerical Alignment

Any (most are Lawful)


The Church of Karameikos confesses to honoring all Immortals. However, Patriarch Jowett and his followers selected a smaller set of Immortals that would be looked up to as models for the new church and used their own philosophies as the one and only doctrine of the church. For instance, since many of Duke Stefan’s followers were Kerendans or Hattians, Vanya was included in the pantheon, but Ixion was left out.

The following are the main Immortals of the Church:

  • Asterius
  • Tarastia
  • Vanya
  • Valerias
  • Ilsundal
  • Kagyar

As the Church has tried to appeal to Traladarans, it has elevated the worship of Halav, Petra and Zirchev. Chardastes has also seen recent interest amongst the adherents.

Subordinate Orders

The Order of the Griffon

Church of Karameikos

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