Beginning Spell Lists


Bards begin with two spellsongs in their repertoire. However, at first level, they can still only sing one spellsong for magical effect per day.

First Level Spellsongs

The Eternal WandererLyndon’s Orchestra
Dance of the FaerieSonora’s Lullaby
The Seeker of MagicSound Bubble
Demerris’ ResolveDance Macabre


Clerics get no spells at first level. However, they do get Orisons, which are priestly versions of Cantrips. Please see the document on Orisons for more information. At second level, clerics get one first level spell. They have access to all of these but can only memorize one per day.

First Level Prayer-Spells

Cure Light WoundsProtection from EvilSanctuary
Detect EvilPurify Food and WaterCreate Water
Detect MagicRemove FearRing of Hands
Detect PoisonResist Cold


Elven magic is very similar to Human Magic-user magic but the Elves learn different spells at the beginning of their adventuring careers. They are more focused on nature and the order of life. Forestors, learn the same spells since they are taught by Elves. Both begin with three spells in their spellbooks, one of which must be Read Magic.

First Level Spells

AnalyzeLightRead Languages
Charm PersonLongstrideRead Magic
Detect DangerMagic MissileResist Cold
Detect MagicPredict WeatherSleep
Faerie LightsProtection from EvilFabricate Blade

Magic Users

Magic-users begin with four spells in their spell books, al of first level. One of those spells must be Read Magic. Spells should be chosen which reflect the magic-user’s background. For instance, a magic-user who studied with a village witch will probably not have magic missile but may be a master of Charm Person. Likewise a combat mage would likely have Magic Missile but not Read Languages.

First Level Spells

AnalyzeMagic MissileSleep
Charm PersonProtection from EvilVentriloquism
Detect MagicRead LanguagesEnlargement
Floating DiscRead MagicWall of Fog
Hold PortalShieldOilskin
LightFind FamiliarChange Self
StaffNight SightBefuddle

Beginning Spell Lists

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