al Kalim

Patron of Ylaruam, Holy Prophet of the Eternal Truth, Patron of Tactics and Warfare

Areas of Focus

The Eternal Truth (obedience and respect for laws, honesty, justice, honour, goodwill, wisdom, prosperity), tactics and warfare

Clerical Alignment



The silhouette of a palm tree that grows in the desert with a rising moon on the background

Worshipped In

Savage Coast, Known World (Darokin, Ierendi, Ylaruam)

Common image

He is depicted as either an elderly human patriarch wearing poor clerical robes, with a firm outlook, wise and intelligent eyes and a long white beard or as a youthful dashing desert warrior with a hawk’s nose and a well trimmed black beard, riding on a perfect Alasiyan stallion wielding his scimitar.

al Kalim

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