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  • The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

    Overview Karameikos, a very young kingdom in a very old land, lies on the southern coast of the continent of Brun on the planet Mystara, in a region its inhabitants call the Known World. As nations go, it is a small one. A rider on a fast horse …

  • The Five Shires

    *The Land*
    This land is the homeland of the Hin (or, as they are known to others, Halflings). It is roughly triangular, situated on the continent's southern shore, bounded by Karameikos to the east and Darokin to the north and west. It is a rich land …

  • The Empire of Thyatis

    *The Land*
    The Empire of Thyatis is composed of several nations, separated by the Sea of Dread and Sea of Dawn, the core of the nation is the Thyatian mainland where the capital, Thyatis (pop. 500 000) - the biggest city of the Known World, lies. The …

  • The Republic of Darokin

    *The Land*
    Darokin is one of the wealthiest nations of the Known World – but its wealth is not so noticeable as that of other nations. In Darokin, the wealth is spread a bit more evenly throughout the population; with Darokin’s peasants far better …

  • The Kingdom of Alfheim

    *The Land*
    The lush Canolbarth Forest spans a roughly triangular area in the eastern part of the Republic of Darokin, and is completely contained by Darokin’s borders, in the basin formed by the Dwarfgate, Altan Tepe and Cruth Ranges. The thick woods …

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