Purple Ochre Platemail

Ancient plate mail from Haven's past


History tells of warriors who served the ancient kings of Haven in the time before the coming of the Dragon Kings who wore plate mail armor dyed purple with ochre. They rode under purple banners and were known particularly for their hatred of Goblinoids. It is said their armor shone with cruel purple light whenever splashed with the blood of such creatures and had the effect of scaring off the toughest of Hobgoblins and Bugbears.

The armor is magical and gives a +1 bonus to Armor Class and Saving Throws.

In Haven, if it’s wearer slays a Goblinoid in view of other Goblinoids, the armor begins to glow. This triggers an immediate morale check for those Goblinoids at a -2 penalty. Thereafter, for the duration of the combat, Goblinoids will have a -2 penalty to all morale checks.


Lace wears such armor, having found it in her recent travels to Haven. It’s fear effect only works on the Goblinoid of Haven as they are aware of its history.

Purple Ochre Platemail

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