Forged to honor Vanya and her legendary battle against the Ogres in the hills of Hattias.

weapon (melee)

Broadsword +2, +3 versus Ogres


Forged more than three centuries ago to honor Vanya, the Thyatian Goddess of War and Conquerors, Necogigas was designed to kill Ogres. It commemorates her battle against Ogres in the hills of County Hattias. The sword is thought to have been forged by Friedrich Von Heilberg, a noted blacksmith who lived near Portus Pilum and enchanted by his sister, Anna, a noted combat mage.

Necogigas is a Thyatian broadsword but slightly longer and thinner than average. It is decorated near its hilt with a depiction of Vanya defeating Ogres in unarmed combat while still a Mortal. Its silver blade is untarnished despite its age and cannot become stained. The pommel is polished wood with a silver ring in the middle. Despite the wood, it will not become slick in combat and the user will always have a firm grip.

When raised in anger at an Ogre it begins to glow golden, shedding clear light in a 15’ radius.


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