A Thyatian blade created to kill Alphatians

weapon (melee)

Long sword +1, +2 versus spell casters

Glows red for 10 minutes after drawing blood from a mage when swung in anger. The light illuminates a 15’ diameter area. If it kills a mage, it will glow red for a complete day. That light illuminates a 25’ diameter area.

It is a well made and well balanced long sword with a hilt wrapped in dark stained leather. The blade is extremely sharp and shows no sign of wear or past victim’s blood. Very faint magic runes may be seen on the blade when it is cold and breathed upon or if the weather is frosty. The scabbard is intricately crafted with a pattern of lines and swirls that are merely decorative.


Mageblight is one of several swords created by a Thyatian military wizard for his minor warlord master and his inner circle of knights sometime in the early 900’s. It is said that when all four of the knight swords are within sight of the master sword, the master sword gains powers which make its wielder nearly invincible. The master sword is named Magedoom but was lost sometime after the Alphatian Spike Assault, AC 959-962. It is assumed destroyed or taken and hidden by an Alphatian wizard.

It is currently carried by Leif Leiden.


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