A Traladaran weapon of note

weapon (melee)

Spear +1

It is a 7 foot long spear with an iron head and bronze butt-spike. The wooden shaft is extremely smooth and shows no sign of wear (nor do the head or spike). It is adorned with several leather thongs and the blade is marked with the ship symbol from the Marilenev coat of arms.

While its length and weight would seem to make it awkward to throw, the spear is perfectly balanced and can be thrown by hand or with a modified atlatl without penalty.


Doryktetos was a weapon forged to aid the Traladarans against the invading Thyatians during the Marilenev Uprising in AC 971. It was one of several magic items given to trusted servants of that clan.

It is currently used by Kai’Kul Maro.


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