Valmont Malkovich, Glantrian Mage

Glantrian Mage


While traveling in other lands Valmont has taken to dressing more the part of merchant.


A few generations ago the successful merchant family Malkovich realized that they had reached the limits of their political power and needed to take steps to fix that. Thus they started working their heirs into magical training while still holding true to their merchant roots. Valmont is one of the latest to have enrolled in the Great School of Magic. Unlike some of his peers he was tutored before starting his classes. This gave him an advantage over his fellow classmates, the downside was that he made more enemies and fought a few more duels in his time there. Having completed his training at the Great School of Magic has taken to traveling the world in increase his knowledge not just of magical might but of future possible clients. Then he hopes to return and finally break his family into the Glantri nobility.

Valmont Malkovich, Glantrian Mage

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