Nelis Eldrichsun



The band of Priests and their disciples never meant to journey to the land of the Atruaghin people, but upon arriving decided that the heathen tribesmen of the Tiger Clan were as much in need of the civilizing influence of the Priests’ own God as any group of people they proselytized to in their centuries-old traveling mission. Unfortunately, they had also never met any group of people as whole-heartedly resistant or hostile to their Good Cause as the Tiger Clan of the Atruaghin. Of the once respectably-sized caravan of Missionaries, only one Priest managed to escape, who captured and took an Atruaghin toddler-girl with him back to his monastery.

Her name was Nelis, and she was given the surname “Eldrichsun,” which was that of the Priest who’d taken her from the Atruaghin lands. Father Eldrichsun never saw the absconding of the child as a crime; in fact, he saw her as a blessing and the potential savior of her savage band of people. Someday, he believed, the fully-educated and civilized Nelis would return to her Tiger tribe, where because of her dark hair, skin, and Atruaghin features, she would be accepted. He went to great lengths and expense to also make sure Nelis was fluent in the native language and customs of her people. She would, he was sure, much more easily be able to teach those folks a righteous way of conducting their lives than he and his obviously foreign missionaries could accomplish.

However, Father Eldrichsun was unable to impart those wishes upon Nelis before he died in a freak accident involving suffocation and a shipment of wool from his monastery’s own herds. Instead of developing the sense of destiny Father Eldrichsun desired for her, without her adoptive guardian, Nelis felt increasingly alone. Though she followed the Clerical teachings with devotion, she never lost the sense that she simply did not belong at the monastery. Without her guardian to instill a sense of mission in her, at the age of eighteen Nelis left the monastery with its residents’ blessing to search for her own mission in life.

Several years visiting various monasteries, villages, cities, and wildernesses brought Nelis the realization that travel and adventure provided a fullness in life for her that living between stone walls had not. Constant travel and more than one near-disastrous experience toughened Nelis to life on her own.

Lately, Nelis found a group of adventurers who were in desperate need of someone with healing abilities to join in their travels. With rumors of trouble in the land, Nelis instinctively felt through her prayers that this group was fit for a Cleric like herself to travel with.

Nelis Eldrichsun

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