Misha Dmitros

Sergeant in the Karameikan Army, 4th Division


Misha is a sergeant in the Karameikan Army, 4th Division, Duke’s Road Keep Battalion. She leads a squad of 14 troopers.

Misha is rather young for a sergeant but has proven herself as both a warrior and armorer. She and her troop are credited with many Goblin and Hobgoblin defeats, seeming to have quite the knack for routing them out of their mountain homes. She is a very capable swordswoman as well as accomplished with a spear from horseback or on foot.

Recently, she has been spending more time directing patrols to the south, particularly focused around Stallanford. It is the worst kept secret that she has a crush on Aralic, the Traladaran Priest. He, however, seems oblivious to her romantic intentions, but does spend many hours with her talking whenever she comes to town. She often sleeps in the stables of the church with her patrol.

Misha is formidable: tall, muscular and quick. She mostly dresses in plate mail armor and the other trappings of her station. In her appearance she is Traladaran with dark hair but has disarming gray eyes. When in a military situation, she is no-nonsense, quickly sizing up enemies and opportunities. In social situations, she is much more shy and defers to others rather than speak out loud. However, when amongst friends like Aralic, she opens up and reveals a very intelligent (and opinionated) warrior.


Misha Dmitros

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