Leif Leiden

Adventurous elf with a knack for swordplay.


Physical Description: Elf, wears full plate, carries a longsword.


Personality: Leif leads the life of an adventurer. He is restless and cannot stay in one place for too long, so many years have been spent out on the road (and far beyond). Only recently has Leif discovered a human female whom he ended up falling for, but the one thing he fears is the day when he has to tell her she’s literally been charmed! Leif is an expert swordsman and can go toe to toe with some of the best fighters out there. He harbors ill will towards Orcs for no specific reason (“But do you really need one?” he would say) and fights fiercely to keep those around him safe. He is carefree and lighthearted, perhaps a bit too trusting, but always ready to make things exciting.

Origin: For almost all Leif’s life, he’s heard the whispers of voices unseen lightly floating on the ripples of time, almost feeling like a sort of intuition or understanding. Leif knew from a very young age that he wanted to and was meant to travel the world and roam about carefree. Soon after leaving his home, he was given a glimpse of a world under siege, his own world, where evil had won and was about to finish off the last warrior who stood against them (Could that be me?! He looks so similar, yet there’s something different about him…) as he helplessly watched the man in the black robes triumphantly prepare to destroy a little black glowing artifact with a strange insignia on it. Whatever it was, it seemed important, and though the vision never came back to him, Leif made it his goal to seek out the strange item and prevent the horrible future from coming to pass. He’s been on the road ever since, taking up quests with any that would have him, and enjoying every second of it.

Leif Leiden

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