His name is pronounced as “skirch.”

Skrtch is a well known beggar who haunts the Merchants’ District in Threshold, mostly at night. He is known to have good information at just the right time for the right price. He subsists on the goodwill of others for whom he does minor tasks. They tend not to be physical tasks as he lost his right hand, reportedly to a rival thief.

Skrtch claims he no longer is a thief and follows the straight and narrow path now that he has lost his hand. The town guard believes him but still watches him from time to time.

Skrtch is of medium height but very thin. He walks with a slight limp and slouches when he stands or walks. He wears dirty (and not so pleasant smelling) clothes which have seen better days. Occasionally a merchant gives him hand me downs but those are normally soon soiled.



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