NEPA Known World

Session 2: The tunnels of Threshold

Quick Summary

The party heads back to the T where they meet an Elf who gives his name as Ruben. He followed them after the events at the Juggling Ogre. Working their way down the unexplored cavern, Azriei finds torches and everyone grabs some. They reach a widened cavern where they are attacked by piercers. Cyllan makes contact first and Ruben finishes it off. Another drops from the ceiling and Azriei dispatches it. Six more fall from the ceiling and they begin crawling on the floor. Then the giant mushrooms nearby are found to be Shriekers. The sound is almost deafening. Valmont is bitten in the ankle by two crawling piercers and goes down. Skrch hurries to stabilize him. Midian too succumbs to piercer bites. Afraid the screeching of the shriekers will summon wandering monsters, Ruben and Azriei begin hacking at the mushrooms. Seeing their swords do little damage, they instead cover them in oil and burn them.

The battle over, they quickly use their available healing methods and continue on. The fissure like cavern continues for some time and the party’s footsteps cast odd echoes. Eventually they reach an apparent cave-in but spot a small hole near the ceiling. Helping each other scramble up the wall and through the hole, they find themselves in a small room holding two ancient sarcophagi. A secret door is found in the side of one and they scamper through.

Crawling through a tunnel, they eventually dump into a great tunnel of quarried stone. It appears to be an ancient sewer system, with walkways and a still flowing canal running through it. The sounds of falling water can be heard but the echo makes it difficult to tell from which direction the sound comes. The carvings on the walls are unfamiliar to everyone except Midian who states that it appears to be similar to the written language of his people. The party heads what they believe is north. Eventually, the canal opens into an enormous cavern. Tunnels lead away in all four directions. In the middle of the cavern is a large stepped pyramid, completely surrounded by water. There is no apparent way to get across.

The party stops here to rest and contemplate how to get to the pyramid. Ruben decides to head for the surface and get more help. Both the Mage and the Mystic fall asleep . . .



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