NEPA Known World

Session 16

A short summary:

In the last session: Having destroyed the necromantic priest, the party stops to catch their breath and count their treasure. Rikou quietly slips to the back of the room and starts to sing softly, weaving Sonora’s Slumber over his companions. One by one the party slumps over asleep but the spellsong fails to affect his biggest enemy: Lace. She launches herself over the bodies of her fallen comrades and stabs him deeply in the chest. A smile crosses his lips as he falls dead. To ensure he will not return, she cuts off his head and cuts out his heart. She burns them in the nearby fire pit.

They return to Stallanford to find the festival over. Arrangements are made to stay at The Hungry Halfling and soon Aralic arrives to hear their news. They agree that the next step is to find Kavorquian the intended recipient of the note. Perhaps he can shine light on this queen and “harvest of death.” Two patrons of the tavern join them: Riddick, a burly Traladaran warrior, and Derrek, a Thyatian “adventure specialist and troubleshooter.” Rob takes an immediate dislike to Derrek, a threat to his place within the party.

Unknown to the rest of the party, Rob breaks into Derrek’s room and steals a small article of clothing. He then attempts to break into the temple in order to frame the new rogue but is scared off by Aralic’s dog.

The next morning, the group meets again with Aralic before leaving for Penhaligan where they believe Kavorquian lives. Aralic shows them the chests that arrived for them mysteriously a few days ago. They indeed are their items from Haven. As a sign of devotion, Cyllan donates her chest to Aralic’s church. He is astounded. He is even more astounded when Valmont donates Rikou’s effects to the church including his chest.

The group travels to Penhaligan through moderate rain. At least it is not too cold but no one else seems to have taken today as a travel day. Rain is usual this time of year (the 7th of Flaurmont, fourth month of the year). The day is uneventful and after about six hours, they eventually get to the outskirts of town. They short climb up a path leading to several large houses atop a slight hill leads them to a notably fine house with some marble statues on its grounds. The iron gates have some interesting, unusual designs wrought on them which Valmont says look magical in nature.

They briefly speak with a liveried butler but eventually are told Kavorquian recently died. However, they are welcomed in by his supposed son, Kaerin. Kaerin is in his mid 20’s, over six feet tall and strongly built. He has brown hair, worn over the collar and dark brown eyes. Most notably, he is missing his right arm.


After baths and dinner, Kaerin begins a speech:

“I think you might be suitable people for helping me with a problem I have. I’ve only just moved in, having come from Specularum, and I’m still taking stock of the whole house. It looks wonderful – apart from the basement.”

“I haven’t told you everything of importance. That note is worrying me because it could concern important people. I can’t tell you everything, but I will promise to be wholly truthful in what I do tell you.

“Kavorquian’s basement holds some of his magical items and also some treasure. I want you to find something down there for me – a sword with an unmistakable gem-set hilt and pommel. Also, there is a diamond tiara that I know is there, because Kavorquian told me about it. I want the sword and tiara – you get everything else you can find.

“The problem is, the old man fitted the basement with traps and magical guardians. Nothing meant to be lethal, but it could be dangerous, possibly very much so, because some of his guardians might be out of control now. My problem is simple.”

“I’m not in a position to go down myself and get what I want. I was just about to advertise for adventurers to help when you showed up.”

“Well? Are you interested? Before you say yes or no, though, remember that you can have everything other than the sword and tiara you find in the basement. You must promise to deliver those two items to me. I will also pay you 250 gold each for finding the two items. And I MUST have them in 48 hours.”

The young man is evasive in exactly why the items are needed or why his father, a known wizard, would have need of such a fine sword. However, the group agrees and after a good night’s rest, are escorted to the basement where they begin.

Soon after getting to the basement, things start to go awry. Stone slabs slam shut and block the stairs then Leif falls into a pit which then closes. Even odder, a simply dressed man steps out of a room at the same time. He is mute but not inactive. His arms stretch to reach anyone within twenty feet and a grand battle begins.

Inside the pit, Leif is plagued by a metallic spider the size of a large dog. It phases in and out of the walls, attacking him from behind and he is not able to hit it. Above, Cyllan pole vaults the area where the pit was, followed by Riddick. Riddick finishes his with a flying kick to the strange man. Lace makes relatively quick work of him though and Cyllan finds a lever on the wall which releases Leif. However, he does not know where the phasing spider beast went. . . .



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