NEPA Known World

Summary for Session 15

From our Meetup summary:

When we last saw the adventurers, they had returned to their home world, Mystara (aka, The Known World) and picked up right where the majority had left off: in a dark dungeon/cave complex. They remembered that the floor above had been cleared of Orcs but they had been sent back to find the source of evil felt by Aralic, the Cleric they had rescued before being swept into Haven. They made a quick dash down several hallways and eventually faced a Necromantic Priest and his foul undead beasts (ghouls, zombies and skeletons). Lace, Rob and Rikou all wound up foiled by the evil Priest’s pit trap but the others battled on. Stache finally overpowered him with a bash to the head and the enemy fell unconscious to the floor. However, as the party tried to catch their breath, Lace calmly walked to Stache’s side then slit the evil Cleric’s throat. The party was thrown into an uproar but Lace defended her action by saying only, “He was evil. Evil must be destroyed.”


Minutes later, thoughts of the enemy were forgotten as Valmont opened a treasure chest and found a hoard of items: hundreds of gold and silver pieces, a bottle of fragile glass green liquid and a gold tiara set with emeralds and rubies. He found something else of worth on a Karameikan soldier’s dead body (which had been laid upon an altar, most likely for an unholy resurrection of his flesh by the Priest): a note. The bloodstained and dirty note read:

“To the Wizard Kavorquian:
Urgent and grave news! Peril stalks the land. A force grows not far from here, commanded by one who walks in shadow with wickedness and madness. Her mind is warped; she is exploited by one of cunning and evil among her followers. I was told by the mercenary who escaped her service that this “queen” determines daily to bring a harvest of death to the land. . .”

A new mystery seems to be unraveling as the adventurers head back to Stallanford to figure out their next steps . . .



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