NEPA Known World

Session 17

Summary of sessions 17 – 21

Session 17

Locked in the basement and having fought both an odd unspeaking man who gave off a puff of smoke and light when destroyed as well as a metal, phasing spider beast of some type, the group was on edge. What other “lethal but dangerous” surprises awaited them here? Luckily, the area was at least well lit – magically no doubt.

The group proceeded carefully, finding nothing of real value. They again fought a phasing spider creature but destroyed it, leaving a small brass ball. New team members joined the quest, with no real idea how they got in the place. But danger came from old party members: Sindil could not resist banging on a large gong and when he did so, several shadowy creatures appeared. Their touch seemed to drain victims of strength and only with fire were the adventurers able to defeat them. Unfortunately, during the fight, Riddick runs through a different door. He finds a greenish gray slime that drips on his head and quickly dissolves him. there is little time to mourn so the party seals the door. Before moving on, Leif takes a swipe at Sindil for acting rashly but the nimble Halfling avoids the blow.

Session 18

After most of the party is paralyzed by a gas trap and in order to avoid unfortunate death or dismemberment from traps, the group decides to start checking for traps by committee: Cyllan, Derrek and Nitsua. Since Sindil is paralyzed, the group also takes to leaning him against doors and allowing him to fall into the room as potential bait for monsters. Nothing eats him or is drawn out.

The group continues to move through the basement finding a rather normal and comfortable living space. However, things become abnormal when suits of armor come to life. Proceeding through these automatons, the party ignores a message of a glossy ironbound door: "Do not enter! Guardians are hostile and very dangerous! K.”

Inside, the party is attacked by two gargoyles. The group’s weapons appear to have no effect. The adventurers appear near defeat when Valmont begins connecting with his magical dagger. Again and again, he strikes and takes down both gargoyles (Lace assists after she gets inspired by the Immortals and tries to body slam the gargoyle with her magical armor). The sword, part of their quest is here and Lace decides to use it while they are in the basement even if she has to give it back later. The group decides to stay in their current spot to rest, hoping to find the tiara the next day.


Session 19

The morning begins with a light meal and Valmont using a nifty spell to clean everyone. Their gear gleams as they continue their journey. At one point, several party members seem to go nisane, claiming an attack by flying weapons. The majority of the party sees nothing so they keep going. They run into what appears a dead in but find a secret passage through a coal tunnel. Inside, Nitsua is attacked in the dark. Leif is with him but sees no attacker. It turns out to be another of those unspeaking men. It disappears in a flash of light and smoke as Cyllan jabs it with one of her many staffs.

The group continues to use a trap checking committee. There is rarely agreement between all three members but they mostly avoid any danger due to traps. Another combat occurs with the suits of armor. While valiant Nitsua was knocked unconscious during the fight, it was not before he was able to use his devastating Whip of Death to take one of the plate-mailed horrors out. The Mystic, Cyllan, dispatched the other then used the party’s “Healing Stick” (a mystical staff that smites foes and heals friends) to bring the Troubleshooter back to life. Now, the group has peered beyond the sole door remaining in this room. A well-lit hallway stretches away in three directions . . .

Session 20

Agreeing to head in one direction, the group eventually finds a room barren except for piles of rust colored dirt, smashed wooden crates and two weird creatures. They are like giant armadillos but with the head of a bug with large antennae. Sindil gets too close and is hit by the antenna. It doesn’t hurt but the armor is almost instantly rusted and falls broken to the ground. Another character loses his gladius and Teagan loses his armor too before the adventurers figure out a plan. Nitsua takes out a tattered book while all others are trying to find non-metal weapons to attack. Stache and Sindil (who has levitated using a potion) kill the two beasts and the party takes samples of their blood, hoping to sell it or use it to rust metal.

Confronted with many directions, the group argues over which doors through which to proceed. They choose several fruitless options, saving the double doors for last. Inside they find a huge chamber with a spiral stair case leading upwards in the middle of the room. The chamber must have been luxurious once, for the carpets, furnishings, books and paintings look of high quality. But now there is a pile of shattered iron on the ground and several four people in the room. A dwarf in plate mail is inspecting her axe while a tough-looking
fighter in chain mail is dragging his blade out of the mass of iron. A dark-haired man with chain
mail and a mace is touching the shoulder of a robed, blond woman who has a dagger in a scabbard and a bone tube at hers belt, from which a scroll has been half-extracted. Two others, a large man in chainmail and a smaller but somewhat similar man in leather armor, stand back talking quietly to each other.

The groups size each other up, neither one willing to give out too much information (but Nitsua does). It seems they are all searching for something but unwilling to work together. The impasse is broken when Lace and Cyllan decide to push past the other group and search the book shelves. Cyllan finds something of interest but is right next to the man in leather. The man looks back at the brown robed woman. She nods her head. The signal is received and an all out attack begins!

In the first seconds, Lace who is right beside Cyllan, steps up and separates the leather armor wearer’s body form his head . . .


Session 21

The fight is long and bloody, neither side able to gain advantage. Spells are cast and disrupted. Valmont falls, ironically bloodied by the priest of Asterius. Sindil charges on dogback but misses with his improvised lance (a staff). The dwarf tries to stay out of the fight, encouraging Teagan to do the same but to no avail. Teagan must aid her friends. Nelis rushes to Valmont’s side, casting a healing spell and the merchant is back in the fight. Almost everyone is wounded but eventually, the brown robed woman calls for a truce. The party strips them of everything but their basic clothing (even their armor is taken) and a dagger. Lace argues to take their holy symbols since they have value but Nelis argues against it and in the end those are not taken. The vanquished foes then depart through the stairway.

A secret door is found behind which are several chests. Derrek fails to remove the trap and is paralyzed by a poison needle. Sindil bears the same fate on another chest. However, the chests are full of treasures including most notably, the tiara.

The group carries the disabled friends up the stairs with their new found treasure . . .



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